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There is nothing more discouraging than starting a Facebook Fan Page for your business or your boss and sharing it with everyone you know, buy Facebook advertising credits to expand your “reach” only to see 1 or 2 likes on status updates (from your mom and best friend) and not getting any attention from your target demographic.

It’s like fishing with a fishing pole and a piece of bread because of a shoe string budget when for the same price if not cheaper you can get GUARANTEED RESULTS in a few days!

What you need is a net!

Social Media Promotions Facebook likes are made by REAL FACEBOOK USERS! Are they in your target demographic? If you buy standard Facebook Likes, maybe! They are very inexpensive and worldwide so you will get the numbers you need to impress your boss, clients, customers, fans, and competitors. We guarantee our numbers so if there is ever a drop off we will replenish the numbers in a timely manor free of charge. We have several, vetted vendors who are reliable and trustworthy who pull likes from various networks of verified Facebook users. When we find users who like pages, get their points, then dislike, they get banned from the promotion service pool. This insures that most of our users (~98%) don’t even try to scam the system and more than likely you will not even face this issue in the first place.

Want a net with a homing device?

You can pay a little extra and we can narrow the search to Facebook users who fit the bill! You can specify a specific country, state, demographic (sex, age, interests, etc.) and we will only offer your page to Facebook users that match those perimeters to maximize the possibility of genuine interest and conversion. In my experiences when I was starting in the social media promotion world as a user in the like pools on sites like Grow Socials, I have found that when I found something compelling and useful or funny I would find myself actually visiting their page or watching their videos even after I got my points for liking them. If it is good, it will be genuinely liked by the users so be sure to have your Facebook fan page configured in a way that is attractive to our users with a nice cover photo, profile picture, interesting or useful status updates to maximize the possible conversions!

Need some design help?

In addition to promotion services we also have experienced marketing specialist graphic designers who can design cover photos, & profile pictures like the one below. Just email us at to get started. Design prices depend on the project. We will give you a quote!

facebook cover design

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