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Why would someone buy YouTube video likes or dislikes? The more likes or dislikes a YouTube video gets, the higher (or lower) it ranks on YouTube, and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. That means when someone searches for the title or tags in this video it will have the potential to come up first on the search page with a good amount of likes! Now THAT is SEO! Search Engine Optimization is crucial in this competitive digital market. In opposition, if there is a video a competitor uploaded that makes you look bad or is hurting your sales, get our uses to “dislike” the video, damaging the ranking it has earned. In time it’s place in search pages and on Youtube will drop lower and lower. Revenge is sweet and so are these prices! The more you get, the more you save! Choose below! Your campaign will start in 48 to 72 hours or sooner after placing the order or your money back!

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